Meeting Dr. Loss

Epic Orthodontics is excited to welcome Dr. Carli Loss to our team! The story of how Dr. Hicks met her is a fun one that we wanted to share. We feel very lucky to have both of our epic doctors!

Cruises, Coffee & Small Talk

Dr. Loss and her family enjoy celebrating Christmas together on cruises (before COVID-19). In December of 2018, they were aboard the Royal Caribbean Harmony along with 6,000 other people. Dr. Loss woke up early one morning to get some freshly brewed coffee and catch the sunrise. When she got on the elevator, she was greeted by a man in full marathon athletic gear. Dr. Loss planned on not disturbing the man’s morning, but as a “Chatty Cathy” she said hello and complimented his flip flops. They discussed their holiday break and had some more small talk before Dr. Loss mentioned that she was an orthodontic resident at the University of Kentucky. There was a shift in the conversation at this point when the man said he was an orthodontist! Who was this man? I am sure you are figuring it out, it was Dr. Hicks!


Dr. Hicks and Dr. Loss continued their conversation and found that they shared the same beliefs about smiles and orthodontics. Both doctors want to be connected to their community where they have relationships with their patients (and their families) and support local schools and businesses. They found that they both strive to demonstrate that the community is stronger together through their passion for perfecting smiles. Needless to say, the doctors had a lot in common and Dr. Hicks invited Dr. Loss to come check out Knoxville.

Welcome, Dr. Loss!

Dr. Loss is excited to have the opportunity of her dreams, working in partnership with Dr. Hicks and the whole team at Epic Orthodontics. She feels honored to join such a passionate and hardworking team in the beautiful city Knoxville.

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